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Pool Pump Problems

The most common pool pump problems can usually be diagnosed based upon the symptoms that the pump is giving. It can be difficult to diagnose pool problems if you do not work with these systems every day as some of the problems can be intermittant or elusive to diagnose and can be the source of a great deal of frustration for the average home owner attempting to troubleshoot pump problems.

A new pool pump installation will likely have different problems than an existing pump that is failing or has failed recently. If the pump has just been installed onto an existing system but does not function then this will be an electrical issue 90% of the time. There is very little published information about how to electrically hook up a pool pump as each pump manufacturer has their own wiring requirements.

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Pump Fact

Only use silicon based lubricants on pump O-rings and gaskets - never use petrolium based lubricants like Vasoline as they will deteriorate the O-rings